Symptoms of human worms

Itching and irritation caused by internal parasites

Worms are parasitic worms studied in medical helminthology. More than 25% of people worldwide carry these parasites. Worm infection, this is the name of the disease of the person who owns the worm.

Parasites can inhabit almost any human organ (lungs, eyes, intestines and muscles). Determining the location of a particular parasite is not as easy as it seems. It is necessary to determine which part of the body it is located. Some symptoms reveal the location of the parasite. Diagnosis and detection of larvae, eggs and large worm specimens.

What are the signs of worms in adults?

The symptoms can be very different. Worms are such smart and cunning creatures that they can disguise themselves as any other diseases. Therefore, if medicines for specific diseases do not help you, doctors and parasitologists around the world recommend worm prevention. There are several of the most common symptoms of worms in a person.

  • constipation. Due to their large size and wide body size, parasites can close the intestinal passages and cause constipation, which can last up to two days or more.
  • diarrhea. Some worms secrete a special substance that causes the body to expel watery food particles. Therefore, if you have diarrhea, take precautions. After all, this sign may not just be caused by improper nutrition.
  • Gas and bloating. Certain types of worms can cause bloating in the small intestine. Gas appears. Persistent bloating has already indicated the presence of certain parasites in your body. If you don't get rid of the worm, the bloating may last for several months.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome. Worms have such properties that they can cause terrible inflammation in the intestines. This can lead to improper absorption of fat and nutrients. The substance enters the large intestine instead of the small intestine and causes constipation and diarrhea there.
  • Joint and muscle pain. Worms are very smart creatures, they know how to move to the most convenient living environment for them. In particular, these disorders include muscles. If some people start to feel muscle pain, they think it is due to overload or fatigue. But it is not there. Muscles may contain worms, which gradually destroy fragile tissues. In addition, the body's response to the parasite can also cause pain.
  • allergy. Excreting worms that are harmful to the body causes the body to release special cells-eosinophils. Eosinophils inflame tissues, which usually causes various allergic reactions.
  • Problem skin. Parasites can cause many skin diseases, such as acne, acne, hives, wrinkles, papilloma, cracked heels, and broken nails and hair. All of these are possible signs of the presence of parasites and must be removed immediately.
  • anemia. There is a kind of worm that sticks to the intestinal wall with its unique body, not only sucking nutrients from it, but also sucking out a lot of blood. As a result, due to insufficient blood, certain parts of the body may develop anemia. If there are signs of this, then this is nothing more than the active work of the parasite.
  • Weight problems. The hallmark of weight loss is the presence of worms. Parasites eat and absorb most of the nutrients that enter them through food. In addition, the presence of worms reduces appetite. A sharp weight gain not only means that you eat a lot, it also means that there are foreign protozoa in your body. Obesity is the body's defensive response to parasite secretions. Worms will eat all the sugar that enters your body through food. So before losing weight, we must take precautions.
  • tension. The secretions of some parasites often affect the human nervous system. This person became unusually impatient and a little nervous. Depression appears again and again. This is another sign of parasites in the body. After prevention, people became calmer than before.
  • sleep disorder. If you notice waking up in the area every night from 2 to 4 pm, then this is a clear sign of the appearance of a worm. At this time, our liver is actively working to remove harmful substances produced by the worms. An unpleasant feeling appears. It is also at this time that the parasite can crawl out of the body through the anus. There is a terrible itching, even under the influence of sleeping pills, a person will wake up from it.
  • Grinding teeth while sleeping. This symptom is called bruxism. This symptom is more common in young children in dreams. If you accidentally hear your child squeaking in a dream, then this clearly indicates that the child needs treatment. Don't hesitate during treatment, because the child is very young and the worm sucks more material from him than an adult.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic fatigue manifests itself as apathy, depression, lack of sleep, and depression. All this is because the body lacks nutrition. Worms suck them into the body at an extremely fast rate. The body simply does not have time to perceive them correctly. As a result, poor memory and emotional stress appear. Even if you eat well, as long as there are worms in your body, your body will still not accept these substances.
  • Immune disorders. Parasites can damage the body’s immune system, causing frequent colds and allergies to substances that have never been caused in your body. Intestinal flora imbalance and colitis. Herpes and acne may appear on the face.
  • Oncological diseases. Worms often poison the body, making the immune system unable to cope. As a result, various organs have complications. Malignant tumors can only be removed by surgery. So don't waste time, but go to the doctor immediately.
  • Airway inflammation. Everyone knows that worms can move in all human organs. Airlines are no exception. Parasites can block the respiratory tract, making it difficult to breathe, coughing and fever. As the worm develops, asthma appears.

What are the symptoms of roundworms in children?

It is very difficult to identify worms in children. Therefore, some experts do not judge by feces, but based on symptoms. If no worms are found in your child’s feces, it does not mean that the child is completely healthy and may not need treatment. Worms are very cunning and agile worms, they do not expose themselves so easily. The child’s feces are checked 7 times a month to determine if there are parasites, and sometimes nothing can be found. So the delivery of the test is completely nonsense, so you will waste a lot of time.

Worms will take you down the wrong path, pretending to be various other diseases. Your child may suffer from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and constipation. Parents thought these were gastrointestinal problems and began to give various drugs. But they will not help. At this time, the worm, triumphant, will continue to feed on the child's nutrition. Fatigue, malaise, crying and abdominal pain-these are obvious signs of the presence of worms in the "little man". With these signs, you need to get rid of the parasites immediately.

If you really suspect that there are parasites in your child, don't judge by two or three signs. The child’s appetite may decrease, and he may not be able to eat anything all day, or vice versa. The child often becomes malnourished at the table and then starts dragging food from the kitchen. It is not uncommon for children to feel hungry at night. This is the first most important sign of a worm. Your child may experience constipation and diarrhea at the same time. This is the effect of the worm on the intestines, causing the area to be irritated. This is the second most important sign of worms in the body. It is not very difficult to find traces of parasites in children. Let the child lie on his back and pose as a birch tree. Then let him relax his stomach. After that, gently press the intestines with warm hands. Your child will feel severe discomfort, and your hands may feel the presence of parasites.

Worms can manifest in different ways, depending on the habitat of the parasite and the route of infection. The type of parasite of one kind or another is also important. When parasites such as pinworms enter the body, the child’s anus and vagina will have terrible itching, so the child starts scratching the area, and bright red marks appear there.

For ascariasis, the child has almost no characteristic signs. The child feels completely calm and balanced. But when the roundworms are rolled into a ball, constipation occurs. Roundworms block the intestines. It is necessary to treat this disease immediately.

The most popular types of worms in children are pinworms and roundworms.

Common signs also distinguish them:

  • Unstable sleep (the child is seriously immersed in sleep at night, spinning, and suddenly screaming at night);
  • The child grinds his teeth while sleeping (not necessary, it may be a symptom of bruxism);
  • Irritability and weakness (irritation due to constant fatigue);
  • Burning cramps or faint pain in the abdomen (especially near the belly button);
  • Violation of appetite (disappears, then increases);
  • A sharp drop in weight;
  • nausea;
  • The child often drools;
  • Sometimes vomiting;
  • Smell in the mouth;
  • The child is malnourished and often choked by food;
  • Frequent coughing for no reason;
  • Constipation and diarrhea alternate;
  • Changing temperature;
  • Severe headache
  • The child is often dizzy;
  • Muscle pain from time to time;
  • Numbness and paleness of the skin;
  • The rash often appears in certain areas of the skin;
  • Itching;
  • Allergic to various objects;
  • The appearance of the genital inflammation process in girls;
  • Itching and burning near the anus and the anal ring itself;
  • The child’s body lacks vitamins, minerals and other nutrients;
  • Children often catch colds (herpes, acne) and ARVI;
  • Hematoma around the eyes;
  • The hemoglobin in the blood of children decreases sharply (the level of eosinophils in children increases).

Parents, please remember some of the simplest rules to protect yourself and your children from parasites. Always wash your hands and hands before eating. After petting your pet, be sure to wash your hands with hot water and soap (preferably plenty). Taking vitamins to your child can stimulate all the functions of the child's body. If you see some signs of worms, please contact the clinic immediately because the parasites develop very quickly and are difficult to stop. Prevent worms for yourself, your children and your pets, as they are usually a source of parasites. If you follow these rules, you and your child will always be perfectly healthy. health!